I own the world

lol I played a stupid game with my bro and dad, and I won (of course)
So what have I done today besides playing games and been to the dentist?... nothing. And I'm still tired. So I'm not going to write anything else, my motivation is dead.

Ps. I've thought about starting a swedish blog at blogg.se, but well, I've not decided anything yet. Good night.

Guten Morgen

a non make-up pic of an ill girl

Ich bin müde. Yes, i'm tired and no I'm not at school. Because...
  • my nose is stuffy 
  • my thorat hurts 
  • I think I'm on my way to get fever 
  • I'm tired 
  • I've huge black rings under my eyes 
  • I have a meeting with a dentist again at 11 o'clock 
  • I'm not just feeling well 
  • And I'm tired 
  • ... and tired 
But otherwise I'm feeling great.


For you

First of all, for those who don't care or can't understand my english because of my so big grammatical mistakes, don't even bother yourself reading this text. What's the point? Go back to facebook instead.

People, you, me, she, your neighbor, your bestfriends boyfriend, your cousin or who ever, we all talk shit. Doesn't matter who we are talking about, we all talk shit about others. We have always done and will always do. It just is that way. You can't changed it, nobody can. But one thing you can change is yourself, you don't even have to change, but even try to think, before you say or do something. Just sit down a minute and think, what the hell you are saying about an other person, an other human, who is worth as much as you are. Who has exactly the same rights as you. Think, how would you feel, to get those words spat right into your face and knowing, that the person who hurt you, never felt any pain. Not even the tiniest little regret. Very often, talking shit is a clear sign of weakness, jealousy or fear. I mean that's so obviously it's hard to notice. If you think about it, what reasons do people have to talk shit about others or spread rumours, or even worse, lie about them, making up own stories? Do people really think that they can get more power by doing wrong? Destroyng others, to make yourself look better. Anyway, there's no point with trying to explain these things, everybody knows that talking shit is wrong, even if it's kinda fun actually. Until you hear the same words of you. I know I'm not perfect and I'm not trying to make this world to a better place or trying to stop all the wars etc, nobody can, but I'm just trying to say that you should even think about what you are saying, before you do it. And above all, of who. Sometimes I know it feels so freaking good to just spit out all kind of ugly words, I've had that feeling alot of times, and I know I'm not the only one. But talking shit of a friend, a good friend is just so wrong. And if you don't even have a reason, then why in the blody hell are you talking shit about somebody who hasn't done anything wrong against you? I would be happy ever after to get an answer.
Even if I've grown alot and I've became much more stronger than I was before, it doesn't mean I won't get hurt about just some small stuff. I will, but I know how to get over them.

Hmm.. okay, this wasn't supposed to get this long, and i could write and talk about this for ages, but I think it's smarter to stop before you fall asleep. The last thing I have to say is.. don't ever let anybody get you down, don't let the person get what she/he wants. Do your own thing and don't give a fuck about what other people say.


Hi there! Todays P.E. lesson was really fun. We went to Sirkus palatsi, a building were people who work at the cirkus practice. We tried all kind of things and like I already said it was really fun :) We should do this more often! The most scary thing was jumping of the trapeze, the thing at the video :D

After school I walked home with Vivian, I didn't have time to go to the city at all because later today I have an appointment with a fysiotherapist because of my legs.


Off to the dentist

Don't...want...to...go... :s I know it's nothing horrible, and I'm not having some dentist horror but I don't love it either. The only thing that I am scared of is the drill, so i reallyreally hope I won't have any cavities. I think I've never had any actually, I've been too scared of the drill so I've brushed my teeth nice and silently :p
Anyway now I'm off to brush my teeth like a freak in 5min and chew a bag of chewing gum, bye, wish my luck♥

The endless day

Gosh it felt like this schoolday would never end! Sitting in school from 8 to 4 is too much for me. Even if the last, spanish lesson, was quite fun actually. A guy from spain came to our class and told some facts about the country and then we're supposed to do questions for him, in groups. And for those who didn't know, my (and not just my) spanish is just crap, so you can guess how good that part went -.- So instead of making questions we did something much more easier, laughing :::D
But right now I'm just so tired and the only thing I want to do is relaxing with some nice food and a good magazine. Later today I have my theater lesson and then I have to read to my germany test... -.- super yey.
Wouldn't it be cool to try that sometime? :D But scary though..I would de dead after 5 seconds.
Love those flamenco dresses


Cute spring shoes

Yesterday when I went to the city with Sofa buying Freddus perfect birthday gift I bought these cute shoes at the same time :D I don't know should I call them spring or summer shoes, I mean it's spring right now and all I can se is snow.
I think those would look really nice with just some regular jeans shorts and a white top. Don't use to wear so special clothes, just something I'm comfortable in. And especially today, when I'm having a looooong day at school it would be nice with just some chill clothes.
Anyway those shoes are from H&M, 9.95€ 

Training makes you happy

I think I'm having some happy period of my life right now. Everything seem so good, better than before even if I know that nothing has really changed? :D Maybe it's because I've started training pretty much again. Training does make you happy. But you have to keep on training, not like going out for a walk on a sunny day and that's it. I've now started training 3-4 times a week and I feel better than ever before! Training really is a better choice than sitting on facebook. I know it sounds unbelievable but believe me it's true! :D

I was this happy after todays training :D hahaha :P

New record

super quality I know :P

Wow I have to thank you all, my dear blog readers. Yesterday I made again a new visitor record! 551 maybe doesn't sound much but it's much for me, I don't use to have that much visitors every day. And even if I don't blog because of the visitors it always makes me smile when I make a new record. And that's because of you! :D


Good Morning! Soon I'm off to school, leaving this chill morning behind :( 
Woke up to Alexandra Burke - Hallelujah♥ Love that song. 

After this short day I'll go to the city with Sofa buying a present for Freddu, who turned 16 some days ago. Hihi lets see what interesting but still usefull things we'll find for her ;) Maybe I'll put up pics of it later, if she allowes me to :P


Born to be a baker

I'm in heaven! This is soooo freaking yummy! This cake I made today is now officially my favourite. Screw all candy strikes, no one is taking this cake from me! I just got a feeling today that I wanted to bake something and then my mum gave me this recipe she had got from her job some days ago. And I think it would have been better to never give that recipe to me... now I'll be busy baking this stupid cake every single day :DDD 

I know the cake looks quite failed but it's the inside that counts! :P


hahahahha :D
One walk a day keeps the doctor away! An outside walk, taking fresh air. A while ago I went with my little sister for a walk, talking. And god I miss being little, well I'm not grown-up yet but not really small either :P You had so small problems, and nearly no homework and those silly fights and crushes :D And then the school discos where you were able to wear mascara and lipgloss and you felt like a princess. Haha good memories :D

Sofa has left the building

Now I'm bored again. Sofa just left :( Well in some way I have to say it's a good thing too, don't want to her to read more in my silly diary :DD which I've been writing in from last spring to last autumn. And there was sooooo much stuff, and i think she got pretty surprised of a few things.. hehe :P Haha no just kidding, I don't think I have anything that I couldn't tell her. And I love that feeling, I love having friends you can tell everything to! :) love you♥

hehe hiding behind the camera :P
Cute little Sofa and a bald guy.. :D:D


Today, or last night the clock turned one hour ahead. It's summertime now! When I woke up I thought I had slept 12 hours, but I realized that it was "only" 11 hours, my dad had already turned the watch one hour ahead :D I don't ever use to sleep that long. Anyway, enought talking about summer, it makes me depressed when I look out the window and I'm seeing just snow. So, umm, Sofa is coming over here today, I think she's on her way already :) Don't know what we're going to do, but of course something fun :D

Pic from last summers (or autumn actually) Confirmation


Bodycombat lesson! :D


My arms are hurting. The bodycombat lesson today with Amppu, Heidi and Illu was freaking good muscle training. I loved it! The moves and everything was good even if they looked quite silly... standing in the middle of the floor hitting and kicking the air , haha, I felt like some kind of a digimon or something :DD But it was so much fun, maybe I'll do it again next week, releasing my inner warrior :P


Night bloging!

Tsädääm. The da vinci code is watched and it was soo much more scary than I thought it would be :o Now I won't be able to sleep tonight... :( And an other reason to that is that I have to sleep beside Mattan..:D:D:D hihi anyway now i have to continue gossiping with these lovely girlzzz ;D

good night<3

Trip reserved! :DDD

Oh yeah! A trip to Bulgaria, to Burgas, is reserved! :D We are going on the last school week, that means I won't be in Finland on the last day, when we get our grades and stuff. That's sad but I can't complain :D My mum is also turning 50 on the trip so it's like a "present" for her, from.. herself? :D And I really can't wait! It looks sooo nice and warm. Sadly we'll be there just 1 week, but like I already said, I can't complain :D

Off to Amppus place :D

Looking like a doll.
Soon it's movie time with Mattan, Heidi and then Amppu of course :D We're going to watch the da vinci code because Amppu and Heidi have to make a school project of it. I think I've never seen the whole movie, from the beginning to the end, just some parts. And then I will be sleeping over at Amppus place.
Tomorrow we are all going to body umm.. something? :D well some training anyway :D

Ps. My mum is reserving a trip to somewhere right now, to the beginning of the summer holiday. But I don't know yet where. Hope some warm country! I'll tell you when I know :D


Miss super healthy :p

carrot, grape, apple, orange

Yummyy♥ I was going to watch a movie, or maybe some desperate housewives episodes, and of course I needed some movie snack! And because I started this candy strike last monday  hehe lol I had to choose something else than chips and candy etc. So I took an apple, an orange, a carrot and grapes. And it's really tasty, so fresh and watery. Feeling super healthy :DD
This is something I should do more often, eating more fruits instead of cookies. After eating candy and crap like that I just feel fat, down and I'm not just feeling so well. After fruits I feel like I could just fly away with the wind because I feel so light :D Random explanation but I think you got my point :P

Storm, gale and tempest

Shiiit it's really windy outside. And I hate that.. I hate when your  hair and everything just flies in every direction and the freaking disturbing noice you can hear, and then it turns like 10 times colder when it's windy -.- It feels like you could like blow away any minute. Wow that would be cool to just fly around in the air :D  Maybe I should go and visit Japan. No just kidding, sorry for the extremly bad joke, it's a horrible situation in Japan right now :( But I have to go out for a 30min jog right now even how windy it is, so see ya soon :D


Having fun with magnifying glass :P

Happy normal friends

Hehe on my physic lesson, I didn't do nearly anything else than playing with a huge magnifying glass and something I've noticed I'm always doing on the physic lessons... laughing :D
Now I'm off to my training, enjoy this extremly interesting blog post!

Longbow shooting with the class

Today on our P.E. lesson we went shooting. This time I shot with a longbow and next time I'll shoot with an airgun. and it was really fun! First I thought it would be quite boring, i just wanted to try to real guns not some Robin Hood stuff :D but it wasn't boring at all. The technique was really easy and it wasn't sooo hard to hit the target. Well we're pretty near the target but still :D 
One thing that I didn't get was the point with those black net things we all had to wear.. what were they for? :o
But the shooting was fun and it would be nice to do this kind of things more often. This was my second time holding a longbow in my hands in my whole life :D I just can't wait until I get to try the guns, haha :D



Good night sweeties! Now this girl is off to get some sleep! 
Tomorrow on our P.E. lesson we're going to do something fun, shooting! :D Haha can't wait! Just have to remember to take pics:P


My favourites!

I've thought about buying a onepiece, they seem so comfortable and soft. They are so easy to just put on, don't have to think about what to wear and for example in plains or cars, if you travel or drive alot, it would be so nice to have a onepiece, especially here in the cold Finland! But I'm not sure yet, about ordering one or not. Maybe :)
And I realized, some days ago with my friends why it's called onepiece. It's because it's all in just one piece! :D So if you wore a shirt and trousers that would be called two piece :P Brilliant :D


My everyday fruit portion :D

I love todays weather! Even if it's really wet all over, on the ground, the sun is shining and the birds are singing♥ or well, I don't hear any birds but it sounded good to write that :D And it's quite warm also,maybe +8 ?

Sadly I won't be outside so much, I have to read to our english test, and I better get a good number in that test or I will get really pissed and quit my whole blog. Hehe maybe not, but I reaaallly want a good number in that test :D And then I also have my theater lesson today! yey, it's just starting to get more fun every week :)

But now I should go back and eat my lovely fruits and enjoy the life, I just had to make a fast post. I didn't want to ruin two boys' day :D haha ;)



Ahh starting school first at 11♥

Listening to Britney and looking at old pics from last summer. I miss summer so much! I hope we'll travel somewhere this summer, like we use to do. USA would be freaking nice! But I don't think we'r going to travel to usa because I'll probably go there as and exchange student after a year :) And it's pretty far away, I can't be away for so long because of my summer job, my first summer job ever :P On a potato field :D:D So yes, but I still hope we'll travel somewhere.

And today Sofa is coming back from Thailand! yey :D But I think I will avoid standing beside her too much.. don't want to look too pale... :P


The Nauvo day :D

Hihi so as usual, or no, not as usual, but well anyway, today I was in Nauvo :P To again meet up with some friends! There was quite many people in the center of Nauvo, like Martin, Kiffen, Camppu, Kimi, Amppu, Petter, Vilhelm, Max, Sami, Fredrik, Pinja, Michelle + alot of other people I didn't know etcetc :D We chilled in the city, talking, laughing and umm.. fighting? over a lighter for example :P And then after a looong while some of us went to Kiffens place to watch some freaking horrible movie, it was so disgusting. Well we watched it just 20min or something because Camppu and I had to catch the 8 o'clock bus :(
Next weekend it would be nice to go to Nauvo again but I think I can't, because of my mum who doesn't want me to go -.- 

PS. I think I've had too much of passive smoking these last weeks.
PPS. I love Alpen


Pics of our lovely new bathroom!

So here are the pics I promised to show you! I'm really glad we did this renovation even if it will cost preeeeeeettty much. Our bathroom before this one was just crap and it was really dark and ugly in many ways. But this one is really awesome :) i like the orange/yellow and white colors. They fit very well together and make the room look so light and warm.

The whole bathroom isn't like 100% done yet, but we can already use it. For example the ugly pipes and stuff beside the bathtube will be hidden and in front of the other shower not the one in the shower"room" there will come a shower curtain.
One cool thing about this room, is the mirror above the washbowl. The lights around the mirror turns on  and off by placing your finger near the sensor. You don't need to touch anything, the sensor recognizes movement! haha, wow, I know :D:D:D