My everyday fruit portion :D

I love todays weather! Even if it's really wet all over, on the ground, the sun is shining and the birds are singing♥ or well, I don't hear any birds but it sounded good to write that :D And it's quite warm also,maybe +8 ?

Sadly I won't be outside so much, I have to read to our english test, and I better get a good number in that test or I will get really pissed and quit my whole blog. Hehe maybe not, but I reaaallly want a good number in that test :D And then I also have my theater lesson today! yey, it's just starting to get more fun every week :)

But now I should go back and eat my lovely fruits and enjoy the life, I just had to make a fast post. I didn't want to ruin two boys' day :D haha ;)

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