14 years for sale

y0 trying to fit in with the book :D:D
This book, 14 years for sale, is really great ! Thank you so much Mishu for borrowing it to me :D

It tells about a 14 year old girl from sweden who gets raped and looses her virginity to that boy. She didn't ever told that to anybody. Then she starts selling sex with her best friend, to get some money. Her best friend quits doing that after a while because she just couldn't do that, but she continues alone, without her best friend knowing anything. Soon she doesn't even get paid for the things she has to do with all the men and she can't just stop because the men are following her etcetc. And nobody around her notice anything while she's totally destroying her own life.

This story is true, and that makes the book even better and more interesting. I've not read the whole book yet, but I'm sure it won't take long time :D

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