Pics of our lovely new bathroom!

So here are the pics I promised to show you! I'm really glad we did this renovation even if it will cost preeeeeeettty much. Our bathroom before this one was just crap and it was really dark and ugly in many ways. But this one is really awesome :) i like the orange/yellow and white colors. They fit very well together and make the room look so light and warm.

The whole bathroom isn't like 100% done yet, but we can already use it. For example the ugly pipes and stuff beside the bathtube will be hidden and in front of the other shower not the one in the shower"room" there will come a shower curtain.
One cool thing about this room, is the mirror above the washbowl. The lights around the mirror turns on  and off by placing your finger near the sensor. You don't need to touch anything, the sensor recognizes movement! haha, wow, I know :D:D:D



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