Jag älskar dig

... lol no I don't love you? or do I? I love many people. But it's not the same thing. Anyway, just thought you would like to know. 


The winter break is over ! :(

Hi I'm dead
Noooooooooooooo!! :( The winter break is now over and I'm off to school -.- My vacation from school has been amazing, but I think I've done too much of everything, I'm even more tired than I was before the vacation :P hehe, but anyway I wouldn't want to change anything :) nearly anything
Have a nice day people, I'm going to fall asleep today :)

Why do we torment ourselves?

Not something I've done on purpose :P
People are stupid, atleast I am. When I'm missing a person really much, I start listening to slowly/sad music and looking at old pics etc... and that's stupid because that makes me just more and more sad.
And one thing I don't get at all is that why people hurt themselves on purpose, physically. That's sick.  I could never do that.

The smartes thing would probably bee to just trying to forget the person, but it's freaking hard :s

This song has been on replay the whole time since I came home :P

A tired girl has arrived home

I'm so freaking tired. I slept 4½ hours last night, so right now I just need one thing and that's my bed. We arrived home, to elins place at 2.30 last night I think, and the first thing we started to do was eating a lot of bread and cheese? :D Don't know why. And in the morning I felt a little bad but it went away after drinking a lot of water and juice and after eating something. I've eaten way too much in iniö, you shouldn't have so tasty food >:(
Anyway now I'm home, thanks to Elins sister and her friend who drived me home :)


Tamtadamtamtam dance + pics

Sooo, hii :)))) I'm home, at elins place I mean, in iniö. So I'm not at home. We just arrived from the dance thing, it was ehm... fun? :DDDDD really fun, I mean reallyreallyreally much fun. And yes thank you highlightz for the music :D And eeeh, yes, I don't know what to say, I just had to make a blog post, now, because I'm probably sleeping a loooooooot this night. But this night was amazing :D So thank you so much everybody :D iip. the end.
Btw, sry, I forgot to take any pics, I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I wasn't thinking at all.


I stole some pics from Elins camera :))) hihi

Ft. Elin ;)


Sitting with Elin discussing big problems. Eq. how to fix our hairs or which shirt to wear :D:D lol, big problems.
Later we are going to "Heimgård" and listen to dance music with some iniö guys :D yey.
Sry for the short blog post but we really have a lot to do, like going downstairs and eat cheesecake and ömm.. laugh? :D haha, but yes see you later, today, or tomorrow actually ;;;;)))

Off to Iniö :)

Good Morning! :D Soon I'm leaving Turku, again, like all the other weekends. But today I'm off to Iniö to meet Elin, and I'll be there until sunday :D Elins sister and her friend will drive me to iniö :)
We are probably going to have a lot of fun there so I will blog you later ;)

Have a nice day!


Meeting grandfather :P

My grandfather came just out of the hospital. He has been there for 5 weeks because of his foot. Some weeks ago he fell and his ankle broke ;s But now he's fine and we went visiting him today :) At his place I saw a wave, and I used it, and I regret it. I started to think that I should eat less, but then my grandfather came in with ice-cream... so how could I say no? -.-

On the way back we stopped at Intersport buying some new clothes for my brother. But I stayed in the car taking pics :P 

Skiing yey yey!

Skiing in my heart<3<3.... not. It's so boring, but I had to go because my mum said that she won't let me go to iniö and meet Elin tomorrow if I don't go skiing! ;o So I had no choice. It was freaking cold and windy :s
But now I'm off to clean my room and the house a little bit to make my mum happy. After that she really has to let me go to iniö ;;))

And then I also have to go and meet my grandfather today, who just came out of the hospital. Super yey.


Burlesque was AWESOME

I was watching Burlesque with Janette today and I just have to say that the movie was sooo freaking awesome! I totally loved it! The music and dance moves and everything was great :) I recommend!
Before the movie I went with my beautiful friend Janette to Robert's coffee, to eat something small. I liked the place but it was not the cheapest place ever... A marshmallow cocoa costed 3,90 and in coffee house it costs just 3,05. Anyway the place was great and the company of course :D

Before I met Janette I met Martin, and we just chilled around in Hansa, just talking. About everything. And from now on he's officially one of my favourite second cousins AND he's a veeeery reliable friend... RIGHT?!

Some pics of today: 

Burlesque Trailer

Off to the city !

What a beautiful day :) Soon I'm off to the city and meet up with my second cousin Martin, who was here in Turku yesterday with Vilhelm but I was in Meriteijo so I couldn't meet them. But today I'll meet Martin :D
After that I'll meet Janette and we are maybe going to eat something or just chill around and then we'll go to the cinema and see the movie Burlesque :D

So I'll be home first at 8 o'clock I think, and that means no bloging today before that, if I don't go to the library and make a post there :D:D haha no, maybe not.


God I miss you ÅIFK -95 !

I was just looking at pics from our trip to England, a half year ago. We had soo much fun and I love you all in the whole team.
But I quit playing soccer after the trip, because my motivation was totally dead and I didn't have any will to go to all the trainings, sometimes it was fun, but very often not, I don't really know why, and I didn't have so much time either. And there was no point with just coming to some of the trainings, because the older you get,your hobbies get more serious. So you had to like come to all the trainings if you wanted to be good, and get any play time. And I don't want to play if i don't get any play time. So I quit.
And I have to admit that I miss you guys<3

My and Sofas day at Meriteijo :D

I've been home like 2½ hours already but my internet has some problems so I couldn't even open google, just facebook on firefox? :o super weird.

Anyway, the day was awesome, thanks to Sofa, without her I would have died of boringness :P We bought a ticket for 3 hours, and we skied down maybe 15 times? :D Most of the time we just sat in the café eating and laughing at some stupid things. And we took some pics also, but not so many because your fingers turned red and ice cold after 5 seconds -.-

But yes, we had a great time :D Again sometime? ;;;;) Haha or maybe next time we just search up a café instead :D
Btw, If you want good donuts I recommend Meriteijos café!


Meriteijo here we come ! ft. Sofa ;)

 Sooo today we are off to Salo, to Meriteijo, my family + Sofa :D And I didn't even want to go before Sofa said she could come with me, because who wants to go downhill skiing with just your family, nearly a whole day ;o Well not me. But now when Sofa is with me everythings fine :D hihi, I promise it won't be boring (;

Ps. It's -20 degrees celsius here ;S

Downhill skiing at Hirvensalo

My fingers are ice cold :s Just came home from Hirvensalo. I was downhill skiing there with Aake and Emmi :D<3 And thank god that you came, I mean, I don't even like downhill skiing anymore so much, but I can enjoy nearly everything if I have nice company! :D
And we were the last ones who skied down the hill before it closed :D

Face mask

What to do on a day like this?... Put on a facemask of course! :DD
This time I tried a masque which is supposed to clean all your pores or something :P When you use this one, don't laughe! Because when the masque stiffens it breaks when you laugh, it gets a lot of cracks, and you look like a monster.

But yes, I don't see any big difference after using this one, my skin is just a little bit softer :P

Trip to Hawaii :D

Yey :D My mum and the rest of the family have thought about making a trip to Hawaii, Honolulu, next winter :) For 3 or 4 weeks :D Awesome! Even if that means I have to be in Honolulu over the new year, and that's something I don't want to :/ But, maybe I should just be happy about the trip and not think about that one night?

And my dad has some cousins there, some people he has never met, so we will probably meet them :)

Looks pretty nice? :D


Nauvo day

The day started with waking up at Reinholds place, because he's cute cat jumped up to the bed and started to walk on my stomach? :D I just chilled there for a while and took a fast shower and then I went with Amppu to the "city" and met Martin and then also Camppu and Kimi, but they went to Kimis place while we went to Martins place. We sat there for like 3 hours, just talking about everything between earth and sky :)
At 6 o'clock me and Camppu took the bus to Turku. In the bus there was some really strange man, probably a drunk one, who talked to himself, laughed and waved his hands all the time etc. He was scary. ;o
But now I'm home and I'll try to go to sleep early today, I'm so tired.


Pics of the day (Bloging at Martins place)

Right now I'm chilling with Kimi, Camppu, Martin, Kevin, Vilhelm and Amppu at Martins place. We are watching Deep Blue Sea, and seriously I don't get anything. Just some smart sharps trying to eat up some people and a hot guy. :D:D
Anyway, today, I arrived with Amppu at 4 o'clock, and we sat in seo with Martin. After that we went to Södra, the place with the heat blowers with the rest of the people + Petter who went home a while ago :D And then we went to Kimis place, because it was soooo cold and seo closed :P

After this film we'll watch The Expendables and then I have to find a place to sleep at :D Blog to you later<3 maybe.