2011 (;(;(;(;;;

Ahahha thanks everybody for an awesome new year :D I'm really tired and eeh, tired, so I think I will go to sleep right now. But yeah, thanks for everything love you goodnight<3
And here are some super awesome and mega hot pics, enjoy (;; I will maybe upload more pics tomorrow, maybe maybe maybe.

Happy dance (;


Limbooo :D::D

Nice nice...


Everybody is hiding from the camera.. -.-'
HUG !<3

Somebodys cap, or hat or idk

The king ?
Thanks for the party
A serious conversation
The best ones<3
Happy five friends<3


Now I'm out to have some fun with my friends! See ya later! Hope you'll all have a great new years evening (; 
2011 here I come (; 

A new suitcase !

Finally a new suitcase! Because it's just 2 days left until we are going to Egypt so I needed a new and big suitcase. I was supposed to get one as a Christmas present but my parents didn't know which one I liked so they said I can go and buy it myself and then they will pay back (:
I really like this one and it was very cheap :D

Price: 99.95
From: Wiklund


Today I broke a plate.

Like I already mentioned I broke a plate today. I was brushing my teeth in the toilet and then I turned around, and I don't know how  I managed to hit the plate but I did and then it fell. And it broked.
I got that plate from a friend a long time ago and it was a reallt cute one but yeah, now it's broken :P
I'm really good at breaking things like you already have noticed...

Anyway tomorrow it's NEW YEARS EVENING so I don't have time to stay down because of a plate! wuhu 2011 (; I'm not yet 100% sure about my plans for tomorrow but I'm going to hang out with my awesome friends! hihi I can't wait (;<3

I'll blog to you tomorrow more about the new year (;


Hi again !

Sorrysorrysorry I know I haven't been blogging for nearly a week now! Because I went to my grandparents over the Christmas and they don't have internet so, I was without internet the whole Christmas. And when I came home I was just so tired and I didn't have any time to blog :( But from now on I promise I will blog every day, atleast I will write one text per day. Besides the time when I'm in Egypt.

Anyway my Chirstmas was so different compared to the other years. And I really enjoyed it. Here are some pics:

I was ice-skating and I was trying to balance on one foot...

... But I failed and fell on the cold ice -.-' Luckely I didn't hurt myself.
 The house

Running away from the camera :D

An other who's running away from the camera :D

Because there was no internet I started painting my nails instead, and they look wierd I know :P

Nearly all of us are around the table eating Christmas food (:

SANTA HAS ARRIVED! And this year it was my brother.. :P

He looks like some kind of a mouse
Yummyy <3
The bad thing about visiting my grandparents is that we are eating cakes, cookies, ice-cream and chocolate aalll the time.... :P

I hate skiing, it's soo boring. But my mum wanted to go so we all went skiing for a liiitttlle while.

 High technology

 Pose... -.-' And my lovely socks (;
 ... try to ignore my make-upless face and the pic looks immediately better

Btw I will add pics of my christmas gifts some other day !<3


Tired ...?

Calming down and trying to fight against the booringness by listening to music. I should really start going to  sleep more early...  And I'm also having a headache because I've watched too much tv today and I walked straight into a door a while ago because I it was so dark and I didn't see that the door was closed.. -.-'

Right now I'm listening to Miley cyrus, haha :D And she's pretty good I think, I don't get it why so many hate her? :o

And because of the booringness I'm also having a very interesting converation with Emma... -.-' :D:D:D::D:D wuhu. Okey, I really need to go and get some sleep !
Tomorrow I will probably go and meet some friends and pack some stuff. Because we will go to our grand parents over the chirstmas... AND there's a problem ! They don't have internet! How the hell am I going to survive..... ;o


I suddenly got this fantastic cooking idea this morning but it has changed a little by the day. I just cooked it with my little sister and served it to the whole family and they reaaallly liked it! If you want to do this amazingly good tasty dessert follow these steps: 

The ingredienses I used was (for 5 persons):
whipping cream 2,5dl 
sugar 3 teaspoons
cocoa powder 6-8 teaspoons
marshmallows 15 pieces
sprinkles 8 teaspoons + a little to the final decoration

1.  Whip the whipping cream with an elecric mixer and add the sugar until it's white and fluffy
2.  Add the cocoa powder 
3. Add the sprinkles and mix it all together with a spoon
4. Put the lightbrown and fluffy whip cream in 5 different bowls and add 3 marshmallows in each bowl

5. Litter a little sprinkles on the top of each serving 
6. And now you'r ready to serve it (; Enjoy !


Hunting Marshmallows

When I woke up this morning at 12.15 (wow, I don't use to sleep that long..) I was thinking about the marshmallow cocoa and I got a super idea! I will do some yummy dessert( don't know how yummy it is because I've never tried it before :P) to my family. I was supposed to whip some cream and add some cocoa powder and then I could use that as a dip souse for marshmallows! And I could also add some other stuff to make it nicer (I will tell you more about that later) but I realised that we didn't have any marshmallows so I went with my little sister hunting for them.

We walked to 5 stores, and none of them had them... -.-' lol we walked around in the snow for more than 1h just because of some stupid marshmallows and we didn't get them. So, I will send my dad to go and buy them somewhere else :P
Anyway, I have to go and eat and then I'll go to the training, blog to you later today<3



The best movie night with the best girls!... but the worst movie ever :D:D Haha we were watching woman in trouble and it was soo booring. Nothing actually happened, it was just talking and crying all the time even if the cover for the film gave us a totally different impression..:D Anyway we had a nice time talking, gossiping, eating (hahah, of course) and talking about some nice stories from the past ;) hahah love you guys and we have to this more often :D But it sucked when Sofa couldn't join us :(
And sadly they just left so now I'm bored again :P

 Hot pics from today: Hehe I'm sorry for the retardeness :P

 The girls (;

Elin, Mattan and me :D




The chipses are gone

A little frog is hiding from the camera

Waiitiinnggg and eating noodles (;

Waiting for Mattan and Elin ! We are going to have a girls movie night (; Sofa was also supposed to join us but then  some problems occured. She already was here but then she realised she had lost her phone on the way. And it's now lying somewhere in the snow, maybe it's broken so she went home to search for it and she won't come back :( SADFACE!

Anyway Elin and Mattan should come and watch some movie, don't know yet which one. And it's reaallly messy downstairs because of the bathroom renovation but I think we will survive anyway :D
And this is sooo booring to wait -.-' So I'm trying to enjoy myself by eating noodles and taking pics :D well, it's not working