Going wild @ Mattans place

I'm soooooo freaking tired!! I just arrived home from Mattans place, with Elin. And thanks for makeing my monday perfect<3 I just don't get it why we're always having so much fun! Maybe it's because we all have the same lame humor and we're all some kind of pervs, well, some of us are more than others... :P And I also have to thank you guys for makeing me break my "no candy this month" -.- :P

Hahaha btw, if somebody was going to ask if we're lesbians (or retards), the answer is simply no, we are just having fun :P Enjoy the pics :D:D


The day in Nauvo (;

The coolest in da Nauvo city (;

Wow this day has been amazing! :D Even if the start wasn't the best... :P
I arrived to Nauvo "city" with Amppu at 11 o'clock and we just chilled there for 2 hours! In the cold weather and on the Sale floor, because we didn't see the bench which was standing 2 meters from us :PP Hehe :D

After that we met Petter, Martin, Reinhold, Vilhelm etc + some other guys and Mishu. And we had alot of fun in the city and in some random "house" near a skating rink :D:D God I love Nauvo people! And btw, I just realised how freaking scared I am of fireworks, even how small they are :s So do not shoot any fireworks near me again please!

When Amppu left I went with Reinhold to his house, to see his Studio. Because his makeing music and singing and he has an own band so I thought it would be fun to see his Studio, and it was (: Super awesome house!

And on my way home, in the bus I met a pretty old friend, who's from now on a veeerrryyy reliable friend! Right?!


Off to NAUVO ! ;)

Now I'm off to Nauvo with Amppu!<3 And we are going to meet some of our new friends, and old friends of course :P
I think I'll be home first at 9 o'clock or maybe later, or earlier :P We'll see :D

Hope I have time to blog from there, but I can't promise anything.

Thank god I'm not in Egypt anymore !

Pic from Iltasanomat.
I'm glad that I'm in the safe finland right now! I've heard that it's a total chaos in Egypt right now because of some president from Tibet who has escaped to Egypt to hide or something, I don't really know :D And a lot of people have died etc. :s
Pic from Iltasanomat.

And we had some plans to travel to Egypt again on the next permission from school but if it's like this then we aren't going of course :P And we can't, even if we would want to, because no air planes are flying to Egypt, and the internet isn't working there and not the mobilephones either :o So I'm glad that I'm in Finland!

Coffee House ft. Elin :D

Drunk of cocoa? :D
Home again! Thanks for the awesome gossip time Elin :D:D We were really in a need for that :D Even if we were almost falling asleep like 100 of times :P
And when you'r tired you think that everything is funny so we sat an laughed maybe 50% of the whole time :P The people who walked past us must have thought we are some retards or something :P

Btw, I think I just failed my "no candy this month" thing, because of a marshmallow cocoa. But whatever :P

To the city --->


So now that I've cleaned my room and I've taken a shower I'm going to meet Elin and maybe some other friends too at the city :D;) GOSSIP TIME! And of course we are going to Coffee House :D Anyway I have to go now, see ya<3 Sry for the short post.

Dirty. Once again.

How can my room get messy soo fast?! It feels like I cleaned it yesterday! I should really try to keep it clean for at least 1 month. The reason why it always gets dirty, I mean messy, so fast is because my warderobe is way too small! I need a bigger one. The cloth rail and one of the shelfs has break because of the weigh :P Haha :D

Later today I hope I'll do something fun with friends and tomorrow I'm going to Nauvo, but right now I have to clean my room!


Until the sky falls down on me

Chilling with some relaxing music and I just fell in love with this song<3 Now I can't stop listening to this one :o

Boring day

This day has been so booring and I've done exactly nothing necessary, just chatted and watched desperate housewives and played grand theft auto :P what a life on a friday night :D Hope the rest of the weekend will be better (; And I'm sure it will

What an interesting post :D:D:D

Training diary :o

What an ugly booklet :(
A training diary? eeh...:o Yes I got one some weeks ago so I could write down what sort of exercise I've done and how i felt on the trainings. I've never had one before, even if sooo many have told me I should start writeing one, but I've just thought that it's lame. But now my coach told me I
have to start writeing one :(
Pic from todays training with Hanna (:

Well in some way it's good, that you can see how much you have trained and what exercises have been the most developed for you. But, it feels.. lame :P

But now I'm off to do some stretching ;) bye<3


Facebook has destroyed my life.

This is crazy. Why do I have to sit in front of facebook all the time ?! Even if I have a ton of other things to do, I still sit on facebook chatting or doing just nothing? I hate facebook, even if it's the best invention ever. But I really have to get better self-command! RIGHT NOW. And I'm going to start with closing facebook! After just one second....
Facebook is really makeing people to nolives :P Or is it just me...? :P

The crusher :P

Compliments to the photographer :D
God I'm tired! The whole day has been so boring. On the last lesson, art, we were supposed to do some mosaic plates, which are later going to be parts of a new bench to our school. It was pretty fun. But my mosaic thing looked just wierd. It was supposed to be a cat but.. well, it doesn't look like one :P The funniest thing on the whole lesson was when you had to crush some colored plates so you could glue the little bits together again and make it look like art :P
And I think that the crushing thing fit me very well, because I'm so awesome at crushing and breaking things.


Walking to school... -.-

Argh... I felt so happy in the morning but now all the happiness is gone. I have to walk to school because no one have time to drive me, because I start at 9.40. -.- And it's -11 degrees out there ! Where is the summer?!

But now I have to go, I don't want to be late all the time :P

No dad no !!!

I never thought I would say this, but I hate that my dad bought me a toblerone! And I don't even know why he did it, omg, this is a total catastrophe! I just started my "no candy for one month" thing and then my dad comes home with chocolate! Is he crazy? ;O
He's trying to make me fail this >:(

Aaw what a cute comment (:

Aaaw thank you so much! :D Love you !
Comments like this keep me going ! (::<3

English: Omg, I love your blog . < 3
If you one day stopped bloging my world would go under :D


Every time I see this pic I start laughing :D idk why :P
I'm so happy right now! (: I've been tired the whole day but in some way I've also been so happy :D And I don't really know why, I don't even know if i have a reason to be? Maybe I do? Or maybe I'm just freaking random right now so just forget what I said :P

But now I'm going to eat some grapes (notice! no cookies!) and then I have to stretch, because I just arrived from my training and I want to walk tomorrow without saying "auch" at every step. Sooo, see ya (;<3

Btw we don't have any test tomorrow, and that's awesome! Maybe that's one reason why I've been so happy :D

Caught in a man's trousers :P

Haha on my way home, when I was going to get off the bus I suddenly felt that I'm stuck. My top had in some way got stuck in a mans army trousers, in some weird metal things. So the bus had to wait a little while just because of me :P And the man started to laugh at me -.- I didn't feel stupid at all.

Btw, I bought a new scarf with Mattan today. It's not like a normal one, it doesn't have an end, and I've been searching for one for so long but I've not found the one I wanted, until now :D I wanted  one that's not knitted.

From: GinaTricot
Price: 12.90€


woooww bad rumors are spread soo FAST!

Wow people are really curious, and I know I'm too. But it's just lame when all the bad news are always spread soo much faster than the good news, nobody actually cares about good news. WHYY?! It's stupid... people are so evil :s

Blog visitors

Pic taken today. My visitor record is 294.
Lately I've got really many questions about how many visitors I have each day, and the number is growing all the time. So I decided to share it with all of you, that right now I have almost 300 visitors each day (and I've been bloging just for 7 weeks). Most of them are from Finland of course but I have pretty much from USA and Sweden too.
And sometimes when I'm not in the bloging mood, the visitors keep me going, even if I'm not bloging because of the visitors, I blog because I love to write about my life and my thoughts. I don't use to brag or talk so much about my own life, it just feels so lame to just talk and talk about yourself even if nobody cares, like some others do all the time... , so I write it down instead and let you read it if you want.
But now I just want to say thanks to everybody who's reading my blog! Sometimes the visitors can even make my day! Thanks and love you<3

From now on... NO CANDY!

Okey, just for your information before you think I'm some mindfreak anorexic or something, I don't count calories or weigh myself everyday etc, but sometimes I think it's good to check a little what you eat, and how much.. : P And in some way I think it's interesting :D
And, I've noticed that I feel so much better when I've not eaten any candy or something like that. Of course one cookie doesn't do any harm, but, who can stop eating after just one? Well I can't, then I just want more and more... and that's the problem. So now I've decided to leave all sort of candy,cookies and cakes, for 1 month! Wish me luck!
N.B! I don't leave the candy because I want to lose kilos, but because I know that I feel better without them. There's a big difference!
From now on I will choose the grapes insted of cookies!


Love does exist.

This post is to my friend.
In life, it's always that way, that you have to go thru heart breakes, bad realtionships, fake love etc before you find the one you really want to bee with. It is just that way. But those things will just make you grow and be more wiser. Life is the best lesson. And just because you don't have the one you want right now, and even if you feel like you would like to just cry yourself to death, please, you know you will find somebody else, you know it, and I know it. And you will also forget the person who hurt you so bad, even if it would take a while you will come over him. And to help you make it, I promise I will be by your side even how long the time would be.
Remember, love from a friend is something you need, love from a boy is just something you want.
I will always be by your side<3

Long nails, love or hate?

I just had to cut off my nails :( Because too many of them were already on their way to  break, so I decided to cut them off, so sad I know :o

But what do you think? I mean, long nails are so beautiful and your fingers looks longer and slimmer, but you have to be quite careful with them, and it's harder to do all kind of stuff, eq. texting.
Short nails are so much more easier, and of course you can make them look nice too with some nice paintings etc :D

Off to go training ---->

Sry for the quality
It's two weeks since I was training! God I've been lazy :o But from now on I've decided that I have to start training more seriously again, like I used to. I don't want to turn out to a fat meatball, hehe :P It would be nice to lose some kilos actually...  :P

Visit to IB school

Maybe the most boring pic ever ?
Big smile :D:D
Today, me and 9 others went to the IB school here in Turku, just to see how it is, if some of us would like to study there the next three years. It was interesting and I liked the school, it would be nice to study in english and meet new people. Even if I love my old friends, I'm like addicted to them, and I would never want to loose any of them, never, but I love making new friends too. But, I'm not sure yet if I'm going to IB or not, because I've heard that it's quite difficult there and I'm not like a huge fan of school so... we'll see :D

And after that I chilled with Sara a while in the city before I went home (:  We were just talking, about life :D:D


Pics from yesterdays PARTY !


So now I've finally chosen the pics you are allowed to see, haha, I mean, some pics are just.. privat :D Ahah lol :D Anyway, just enjoy! (;
As you can see we all had an AWESOME time, and I hope we all can do it again some time! Nauvo isn't that lame that you maybe think (;

Feeling... not so awesome ;ss

I'm just so tired after yesterdays party... We went sleeping first at 6 o'clock and then we woke up at 8... -.-  And it was pretty uncomfortable sleeping 4 in a bed ment for 2 :P So, I think you understand why I'm freaking tired. But, it's totally worth it, because yesterday was soo great! Totally awesome. And all the Nauvo people are sooo nice and i'm so glad that I got the chance to come and that I got to know so many new awesome people! Thanks so much everybody, we have to do this again sometime (;   But ofcourse some things could have been undone... :P

Miishus microcar :D

We drived with Miishus microcar to their cottage. And on the way we drove up with some boys and that was scary because it was so slippery and dark etc. But we didn't crash or anything (:

And I'll upload some hot pics from yesterday/today later when I come home (;


School day with PIG HEARTS !

I'm glad that the school day is over and the weekend can finally start! (;
At the biology lesson we looked at pig hearts and it was... just so discusting :s I can't understand how our teacher could touch the heart without any plastic gloves !
People (:

Anyway, after the day I went with Amppu and her family to the store buying some food so we'll survive over the weekend. We are now at mipsus place in Nauvo and later we are going to drive with her "car" to some other house to have some fun :p I'll tell you more about that later (;;


Todays outfit

Soo.... It's Saturday and I'm on my way to school...with my parents... LOVELY!<3 -.-

This is my todays outfit:
Baseball jacket
From: GinaTricot
Price: 24.90€

Black top
From: GinaTricot
Price: 9.90

Normal black leggings
From: H&M
Price: 7.90 (not 100% sure)


What a beautiful toaster. I hate you.
Nooooo WTF?! I can't even toast a bread!!
And I just woke up everybody who WAS sleeping already ;ooooo

The camera didn't really catch the smoke :
I was supposed to just toast a bread, as usual, and I went to the computer while I was waiting for the breads to be ready, and suddenly I started to smell smoke (something else than waterpipe :p) and panicly I ran to the kitchen and stopped the toaster and it came out ALOT with smoke, and when i say alot I really mean like ALOOOTTT!

My dad had to cut off the alarm... :p
And then the firealarm started ofcourse and everybody woke up... -.-
Total FAIL?! What if it had started to burn ;oo OMG!! Well, anyway, everything's fine and now I'm going to toast a bread bye :p<3