WATER PIPE from Egypt (;

In Egypt there was thousends of water pipes for sale and I decided to buy one, just for fun :D 
They can cost really much sometimes, over 100€ if it's really good quality and if it's just crap they can cost less than 1€. I bought a pipe with very high quality because it's more healthy and it lasts longer and have a better taste.
Because I met a man named Mohammed in our hotel I got the pipe for just 220 egyptian pounds (30€) even if it was worth much more. Because he was a good friend of a guy who was selling water pipes he got the pipe for us reaalllly cheap! And he wanted to help me so thank you (:

Amr Dawish water pipe (an expensive mark)

And it's made of steinless steal. It means it doesn't ever turn black in the end of the "stick". The part that touches the water. If it turns black it can be really dangerous for your health, have i heard.

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  1. haha ja sku ha villa köpa en, men pappa lät int :p