Pics of my Valentine's Day :D:D

Tamtadamtamtidi! Today it was (or it still is actually) Valentine's day, the day of loooooooove, and even if I'm singel this day was great! And that's because I have the most perfect friends (:
So today after school I went with Amppu, Mattan, Sofa and Elin to the city, sadly Mattan and Amppu had to go home so the rest of us decided to go to Subway (=gossip time) :D After that we went to Elins place and just chilled and laughed :D:D And watched a movie, Young People Fucking :D:DD The movie was quite random. Oh, and before that we stopped in Sale, because we all wanted to buy something nice to eat (= ice-cream, popcorn and other stuff that makes you fat, yey!). Yes, but, now I'm home and I'm so glad that I have you guys<3

Ps. I can't smile, it hurts, I've laughed too much today :D

4 kommenttia:

  1. voivoivoi att du måsta lägga den där ena bilden me min hemska min-.- :P :D<3

  2. höhö man lärde int sig så mycke av filmen.. ba att man ska hålla käften vittu ! :DD

  3. jujuu, jätte perfekt-.-:) o joo håller me sofa!:O