The Nauvo day :D

Hihi so as usual, or no, not as usual, but well anyway, today I was in Nauvo :P To again meet up with some friends! There was quite many people in the center of Nauvo, like Martin, Kiffen, Camppu, Kimi, Amppu, Petter, Vilhelm, Max, Sami, Fredrik, Pinja, Michelle + alot of other people I didn't know etcetc :D We chilled in the city, talking, laughing and umm.. fighting? over a lighter for example :P And then after a looong while some of us went to Kiffens place to watch some freaking horrible movie, it was so disgusting. Well we watched it just 20min or something because Camppu and I had to catch the 8 o'clock bus :(
Next weekend it would be nice to go to Nauvo again but I think I can't, because of my mum who doesn't want me to go -.- 

PS. I think I've had too much of passive smoking these last weeks.
PPS. I love Alpen

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