The endless day

Gosh it felt like this schoolday would never end! Sitting in school from 8 to 4 is too much for me. Even if the last, spanish lesson, was quite fun actually. A guy from spain came to our class and told some facts about the country and then we're supposed to do questions for him, in groups. And for those who didn't know, my (and not just my) spanish is just crap, so you can guess how good that part went -.- So instead of making questions we did something much more easier, laughing :::D
But right now I'm just so tired and the only thing I want to do is relaxing with some nice food and a good magazine. Later today I have my theater lesson and then I have to read to my germany test... -.- super yey.
Wouldn't it be cool to try that sometime? :D But scary though..I would de dead after 5 seconds.
Love those flamenco dresses

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