Training makes you happy

I think I'm having some happy period of my life right now. Everything seem so good, better than before even if I know that nothing has really changed? :D Maybe it's because I've started training pretty much again. Training does make you happy. But you have to keep on training, not like going out for a walk on a sunny day and that's it. I've now started training 3-4 times a week and I feel better than ever before! Training really is a better choice than sitting on facebook. I know it sounds unbelievable but believe me it's true! :D

I was this happy after todays training :D hahaha :P

3 kommenttia:

  1. varifrån har du hittat dina springbyxor? super fina faktiskt (:

  2. usch va svår fråga :D ja köpte dom ganska länge sen men ja tror dom var från Intersport, märket e iaf Brooks :D o tack jätte mycket! :))

  3. have a happy period ;) always !