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First of all, for those who don't care or can't understand my english because of my so big grammatical mistakes, don't even bother yourself reading this text. What's the point? Go back to facebook instead.

People, you, me, she, your neighbor, your bestfriends boyfriend, your cousin or who ever, we all talk shit. Doesn't matter who we are talking about, we all talk shit about others. We have always done and will always do. It just is that way. You can't changed it, nobody can. But one thing you can change is yourself, you don't even have to change, but even try to think, before you say or do something. Just sit down a minute and think, what the hell you are saying about an other person, an other human, who is worth as much as you are. Who has exactly the same rights as you. Think, how would you feel, to get those words spat right into your face and knowing, that the person who hurt you, never felt any pain. Not even the tiniest little regret. Very often, talking shit is a clear sign of weakness, jealousy or fear. I mean that's so obviously it's hard to notice. If you think about it, what reasons do people have to talk shit about others or spread rumours, or even worse, lie about them, making up own stories? Do people really think that they can get more power by doing wrong? Destroyng others, to make yourself look better. Anyway, there's no point with trying to explain these things, everybody knows that talking shit is wrong, even if it's kinda fun actually. Until you hear the same words of you. I know I'm not perfect and I'm not trying to make this world to a better place or trying to stop all the wars etc, nobody can, but I'm just trying to say that you should even think about what you are saying, before you do it. And above all, of who. Sometimes I know it feels so freaking good to just spit out all kind of ugly words, I've had that feeling alot of times, and I know I'm not the only one. But talking shit of a friend, a good friend is just so wrong. And if you don't even have a reason, then why in the blody hell are you talking shit about somebody who hasn't done anything wrong against you? I would be happy ever after to get an answer.
Even if I've grown alot and I've became much more stronger than I was before, it doesn't mean I won't get hurt about just some small stuff. I will, but I know how to get over them.

Hmm.. okay, this wasn't supposed to get this long, and i could write and talk about this for ages, but I think it's smarter to stop before you fall asleep. The last thing I have to say is.. don't ever let anybody get you down, don't let the person get what she/he wants. Do your own thing and don't give a fuck about what other people say.

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  1. Fuck yea !
    Fuck those and ps. i love you ♥

  2. I love the way you explained this, and I have to say that I agree. Although I can't say that I haven't said bad things about others, I can say that I do stop and think about what I say nowadays. Yes, occasionally something slips out, but I've learned my lesson , what goes around comes around !

  3. Thanks :) And yes, you'r right, what goes around comes around!