Born to be a baker

I'm in heaven! This is soooo freaking yummy! This cake I made today is now officially my favourite. Screw all candy strikes, no one is taking this cake from me! I just got a feeling today that I wanted to bake something and then my mum gave me this recipe she had got from her job some days ago. And I think it would have been better to never give that recipe to me... now I'll be busy baking this stupid cake every single day :DDD 

I know the cake looks quite failed but it's the inside that counts! :P

2 kommenttia:

  1. va besto den av ? :)

  2. Ganska perus saker: smör, socker, fariinsocker, ägg vita o gula, vetemjöl, sooda, vaniljsocker, choklad, mjölk, bakpulver :D
    Kakan heter sen jäälauttaleivos :D