What a beautiful toaster. I hate you.
Nooooo WTF?! I can't even toast a bread!!
And I just woke up everybody who WAS sleeping already ;ooooo

The camera didn't really catch the smoke :
I was supposed to just toast a bread, as usual, and I went to the computer while I was waiting for the breads to be ready, and suddenly I started to smell smoke (something else than waterpipe :p) and panicly I ran to the kitchen and stopped the toaster and it came out ALOT with smoke, and when i say alot I really mean like ALOOOTTT!

My dad had to cut off the alarm... :p
And then the firealarm started ofcourse and everybody woke up... -.-
Total FAIL?! What if it had started to burn ;oo OMG!! Well, anyway, everything's fine and now I'm going to toast a bread bye :p<3

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  1. hahahahahaha XDDD lilla ella gulle <3 peruuus :D
    va dom myki sura :S