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Pic taken today. My visitor record is 294.
Lately I've got really many questions about how many visitors I have each day, and the number is growing all the time. So I decided to share it with all of you, that right now I have almost 300 visitors each day (and I've been bloging just for 7 weeks). Most of them are from Finland of course but I have pretty much from USA and Sweden too.
And sometimes when I'm not in the bloging mood, the visitors keep me going, even if I'm not bloging because of the visitors, I blog because I love to write about my life and my thoughts. I don't use to brag or talk so much about my own life, it just feels so lame to just talk and talk about yourself even if nobody cares, like some others do all the time... , so I write it down instead and let you read it if you want.
But now I just want to say thanks to everybody who's reading my blog! Sometimes the visitors can even make my day! Thanks and love you<3

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  1. Ihanaa että olet Suomesta! Niin inäkin mutta asun nykyään Göteborgissa. :)

    Mukavaa keskiviikkoa söpö!<3