Every time I see this pic I start laughing :D idk why :P
I'm so happy right now! (: I've been tired the whole day but in some way I've also been so happy :D And I don't really know why, I don't even know if i have a reason to be? Maybe I do? Or maybe I'm just freaking random right now so just forget what I said :P

But now I'm going to eat some grapes (notice! no cookies!) and then I have to stretch, because I just arrived from my training and I want to walk tomorrow without saying "auch" at every step. Sooo, see ya (;<3

Btw we don't have any test tomorrow, and that's awesome! Maybe that's one reason why I've been so happy :D

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    In free time I like to go running too, and right now I'm training also two horses (they're not mine). So, if u are interested, my MSN is t2nksmeesxd@hotmail.com