Love does exist.

This post is to my friend.
In life, it's always that way, that you have to go thru heart breakes, bad realtionships, fake love etc before you find the one you really want to bee with. It is just that way. But those things will just make you grow and be more wiser. Life is the best lesson. And just because you don't have the one you want right now, and even if you feel like you would like to just cry yourself to death, please, you know you will find somebody else, you know it, and I know it. And you will also forget the person who hurt you so bad, even if it would take a while you will come over him. And to help you make it, I promise I will be by your side even how long the time would be.
Remember, love from a friend is something you need, love from a boy is just something you want.
I will always be by your side<3

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  1. You made me cry ! That's not fair ! But I love you :) Why am I typing in English? :D