The day in Nauvo (;

The coolest in da Nauvo city (;

Wow this day has been amazing! :D Even if the start wasn't the best... :P
I arrived to Nauvo "city" with Amppu at 11 o'clock and we just chilled there for 2 hours! In the cold weather and on the Sale floor, because we didn't see the bench which was standing 2 meters from us :PP Hehe :D

After that we met Petter, Martin, Reinhold, Vilhelm etc + some other guys and Mishu. And we had alot of fun in the city and in some random "house" near a skating rink :D:D God I love Nauvo people! And btw, I just realised how freaking scared I am of fireworks, even how small they are :s So do not shoot any fireworks near me again please!

When Amppu left I went with Reinhold to his house, to see his Studio. Because his makeing music and singing and he has an own band so I thought it would be fun to see his Studio, and it was (: Super awesome house!

And on my way home, in the bus I met a pretty old friend, who's from now on a veeerrryyy reliable friend! Right?!

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