From now on... NO CANDY!

Okey, just for your information before you think I'm some mindfreak anorexic or something, I don't count calories or weigh myself everyday etc, but sometimes I think it's good to check a little what you eat, and how much.. : P And in some way I think it's interesting :D
And, I've noticed that I feel so much better when I've not eaten any candy or something like that. Of course one cookie doesn't do any harm, but, who can stop eating after just one? Well I can't, then I just want more and more... and that's the problem. So now I've decided to leave all sort of candy,cookies and cakes, for 1 month! Wish me luck!
N.B! I don't leave the candy because I want to lose kilos, but because I know that I feel better without them. There's a big difference!
From now on I will choose the grapes insted of cookies!

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