Feeling... not so awesome ;ss

I'm just so tired after yesterdays party... We went sleeping first at 6 o'clock and then we woke up at 8... -.-  And it was pretty uncomfortable sleeping 4 in a bed ment for 2 :P So, I think you understand why I'm freaking tired. But, it's totally worth it, because yesterday was soo great! Totally awesome. And all the Nauvo people are sooo nice and i'm so glad that I got the chance to come and that I got to know so many new awesome people! Thanks so much everybody, we have to do this again sometime (;   But ofcourse some things could have been undone... :P

Miishus microcar :D

We drived with Miishus microcar to their cottage. And on the way we drove up with some boys and that was scary because it was so slippery and dark etc. But we didn't crash or anything (:

And I'll upload some hot pics from yesterday/today later when I come home (;

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