Friday night (;

 ... with Elin and Mattan in a dark room... (; Well it was dark because we were at the cinema watching Due Date :D I recommend !

I don't know how I got the time and didn't get late from the movie even if my training ended 17.30 and the movie started 18.15 and I had to take a shower and put on some make-up and get dressed etc okey I skipped 15minutes from the training just for the movie, but anyway. I think that's pretty amazing ;o

Anyway after the movie we chilled in the city for a while climbing on snow piles just like we would be 5 years again, taking pics, singing and ofcourse in the cinema hall we had to roll down the seats before we left :D:D
But now I'm back home eating noodles and hoping that Mattan didn't got raped on her way home because the city can be a little scarey at this time and she had to take the buss home, so, I hope she's fine :D Haha

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