Nice present Nea -.-'

The schoolday was pretty booring today until my Physic lesson when me and Sofa cheered up with some laugh attacs and pics even if the teacher didn't really like our "cherring up the day" plans :DD I think I would probably be dead of booringness if she wouldn't have come and saved me !<3

Anyway after school I walked home even if it's soo cold outside, I felt proud of my self! When I reached my home I saw my looovely cat with a present to me at the front door. Can you guess what it was?.. a dead bird !
Nea was trying to give it to me and show me what a good hunter she is and trying to take the bird in to our house :o disgusting !
But I just showed her off to go and eat the bird somewhere else :s

But now I have to go to my training and after that I'll go to the cinema with my friends so I'll blog to you later!<3

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