My christmas wish list !

Oh god it's less than 2 weeks until christmas and I'm waiting soo to sit by the fire eating gingerbread, watching the christmas tree and waiting for santa claus to come with all the presents, haha i love it.

This year my family will probaby go to Liljendal over the christmas to be with my grandmother and grandfather, and even if I would like to be home at christmas I think that's a good idea, I mean, they are pretty old, my grandmother is already 90 years and you never know wich christmas will be the last one for them.. okey, i don't want to think about that because it makes me just sad.

But yeah back to the topic, my christmas wish list for this year is really short compared with the previous years lists:
  • A big black suitcase
  • A little gym bag
  • One years subscription of some magazine like MissMix or Demi 
  • A new phone 
  • A trip to USA next summer or to Thailand next winter 
  • A new running jacket 
  • Money   

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