Penkkarit !

 I don't have any test to write today so I begin first at 9.40 ! (:
So today it's ABI day, "penkkarit" called in finnish, when people who'll graduate school soon are dressing up like something fun and then they are throwing candy from trucks. And I think that's the reason why we also end our school day so early, at 12.30, so we can go to the city and look at the trucks :D:D
But I'm not 100% sure if they are allowed to throw so muh candy this year because the policemen had said that it's too dangerous when small kids are nearly going under the trucks just because of one single candy. But we'll see :)
sry bad quality

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  1. *graduate, not quit school (different thing.)
    *school ends early (sounds much better and quiting is a much stronger word if u get it ?)
    just thought i should tell you (: