SHIN SPLINTS coming back?

The pain is between the knee and foot.
NOOO! I had shin splint about a year ago, and it was NOT so great. I had a really long pause from all training and my condition fell alot. I've not even started training as much as I used to before the shin splint, and now when I should start training more again it feels like it's coming back ;o FU*K NO! But maybe I can "fight" against it by starting to stretch more!

It was really pain to have shin splint, sometimes I could just fall down on the ground because my feet couldn't keep me up, and it hurt so bad after every training. I don't want to go thru that all again.

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  1. are u sure distemper is the right word?:)

  2. yes, it means penikkatauti in finnish, and valpsjuka in swedish :)
    But it also means liimaväri/limfärg and something like that :P

  3. i don't think distemper is the right word and btw it is not possible that you fall to the ground if you have "distemper" cause it doesn't effect your muscles or anything and it doesn't even hurt that much. Do you even know what is happening to your legs when you have "distemper". I've had it for a long time and my dad is a doctor, so i know.

  4. It hurt much, and that's why I fell to the ground. Don't you think I know better than you do, how much distemper hurt ME.
    And I know what's happening to my legs.
    Btw, if the right word isn't distemper, can you tell me what the right word is then? (: Because google translate says that it's distemper but it can be wrong, google translate isn't infallible.

  5. The right word is shin splints. I hope it will get better soon anyway

  6. thanks, I changed it, hope you'r happy (: