Pics of the day (Bloging at Martins place)

Right now I'm chilling with Kimi, Camppu, Martin, Kevin, Vilhelm and Amppu at Martins place. We are watching Deep Blue Sea, and seriously I don't get anything. Just some smart sharps trying to eat up some people and a hot guy. :D:D
Anyway, today, I arrived with Amppu at 4 o'clock, and we sat in seo with Martin. After that we went to Södra, the place with the heat blowers with the rest of the people + Petter who went home a while ago :D And then we went to Kimis place, because it was soooo cold and seo closed :P

After this film we'll watch The Expendables and then I have to find a place to sleep at :D Blog to you later<3 maybe.

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