A tired girl has arrived home

I'm so freaking tired. I slept 4½ hours last night, so right now I just need one thing and that's my bed. We arrived home, to elins place at 2.30 last night I think, and the first thing we started to do was eating a lot of bread and cheese? :D Don't know why. And in the morning I felt a little bad but it went away after drinking a lot of water and juice and after eating something. I've eaten way too much in iniö, you shouldn't have so tasty food >:(
Anyway now I'm home, thanks to Elins sister and her friend who drived me home :)

2 kommenttia:

  1. ja e ännu åxå trött:O
    vi måst baka semlor varje gång du kmr ti oss;P fast d ha vi typ allti gjort så:D<3

  2. SAMMA! o joo ;) o nästa gång måst ja säga att min farsa ska baka sin cheesecake så du får smaka:DDD<3