Burlesque was AWESOME

I was watching Burlesque with Janette today and I just have to say that the movie was sooo freaking awesome! I totally loved it! The music and dance moves and everything was great :) I recommend!
Before the movie I went with my beautiful friend Janette to Robert's coffee, to eat something small. I liked the place but it was not the cheapest place ever... A marshmallow cocoa costed 3,90 and in coffee house it costs just 3,05. Anyway the place was great and the company of course :D

Before I met Janette I met Martin, and we just chilled around in Hansa, just talking. About everything. And from now on he's officially one of my favourite second cousins AND he's a veeeery reliable friend... RIGHT?!

Some pics of today: 

Burlesque Trailer

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