My and Sofas day at Meriteijo :D

I've been home like 2½ hours already but my internet has some problems so I couldn't even open google, just facebook on firefox? :o super weird.

Anyway, the day was awesome, thanks to Sofa, without her I would have died of boringness :P We bought a ticket for 3 hours, and we skied down maybe 15 times? :D Most of the time we just sat in the café eating and laughing at some stupid things. And we took some pics also, but not so many because your fingers turned red and ice cold after 5 seconds -.-

But yes, we had a great time :D Again sometime? ;;;;) Haha or maybe next time we just search up a café instead :D
Btw, If you want good donuts I recommend Meriteijos café!

3 kommenttia:

  1. jo :D dom bullana e bra :D h.agi

  2. haha jep :D d vet ja alltför bra :P

  3. DONUTS <3 o joo, vi behöver kanske int fa ti meriteijo fö att sitt i ett café ;D <3