Why do we torment ourselves?

Not something I've done on purpose :P
People are stupid, atleast I am. When I'm missing a person really much, I start listening to slowly/sad music and looking at old pics etc... and that's stupid because that makes me just more and more sad.
And one thing I don't get at all is that why people hurt themselves on purpose, physically. That's sick.  I could never do that.

The smartes thing would probably bee to just trying to forget the person, but it's freaking hard :s

This song has been on replay the whole time since I came home :P

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  1. you know, de int någo sick de människor som mår jätte dålit o kanske har int/vågar int prata ti nån om de o drf börjar skära sig sj för att må bättre, de kanske hjälper ti nån .. men joo de hemskt kanske men endå man behöver int tänka att de någo sjukt eller så, kokemuksesta puhun.