We are looking way too happy about holding that crap in our hands.

I'm feeling so fresh after walking home from school (with Vivvi)! Lovely. And I'm glad that we didn't have the last lesson today, because we already had it on monday, so we ended the school day much earlier! (:

Even this little of it was too much.
Anyway, the day today was nice. An austrailan guy came to our school to have a presentation about Australien. He was pretty cool and his presentation was not even boring :D Afterwards we got to taste some wierd paste, Vegemite, something they eat alot of in Australien. And, the taste was easily said... HORRIBLE! It tasted like soy sauce + salt ;s

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  1. tackaar :))) o de to lite ont XD bränndd efteråt lite :P men int nu mer, bara då de kallt ute :D