Photoshoot. SMILE PLEASE?!
This is just so unfair! My brother and sister got a new phone today and NOT me! What is this?! I'm really in a need of a new phone! I've had this phone like 2,5 years now! And that's a long time. Well, their phones before this one, was not as good as mine, but still, I want a new phone too! :( 

And my brother is not even seeming to be happy about his phone. What a spoiled and insolent kid. Haha no just kidding :P 

A new phone please ? 
The only bad thing about new phones is that you always have to be so careful with it, and not drop it on the floor all the time :P

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  1. how many visitors u have each day?

  2. do you realise that if you link this to facebook people just 'look what it is' and you get like three times more visitors, and you have like umm how many readers? :D thats just soo epic . ..

  3. I know that. I know that people clicks on the link because it's on facebook. And like everybody are doing that