Just because of Hollywood?

I just arrived home from my "Theater lesson" and I just realised how much I actually love acting. I have seriously thought about starting theater since my first day in highschool, but I've just done nothing until 2-3 months ago when I started theater with my friend Cia.
In the very beginning when I started to be more interested of acting I think it was mostly because of Hollywood and like all girls I wanted to be the beautiful and famous acter who just have to act sometimes and like sign autographs or something, but now I've realised that I don't actually care about that. Ofcourse it would be awesome but that's not the reason why I do this. I act because I really love it even if  I know there are people who don't believe me(my dad -.-'). So, I just wanted to tell you that (: 
And, the other thing is that I think that there are alot of people who maybe couldn't see me on stage acting because they maybe think I'm too shy or something, but that's just because they don't know me (;

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