FITNESS TEST instead of school (:

Today I didn't go to school at all. In the morning I had a fitness test were you had to run on a run mat as long as you were able to. And ofcourse the speed increased all the time, beginning with just walking. Between 4 minutes the man stopped the mat and an other man took a blood test from the top of your finger every 4 minute! auch. You also had to be stuck in a rope because if someting would happen, like your legs would start cramping you could just fly of the mat and hurt yourself really bad when the mat is on very high speed.
The test was pretty hard but I think I did okey, if you think how little I have been training this last hmm, 6 months ? Because I've had distemper and I've been busy and I've just changed team to TuTo so the training times doesn't fit me very well yet. I'll be training more next year.

Btw, I was supposed to go to school after the test but I started to feel bad when I was on my way to school so I decided to be at home instead. :D

<--- That was supposed to be my todays outfit

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