GOLDEN GLOBE 2011, the red carpet

This years, 2011, Golden globe, in USA was last night. And I decided to show you some pics of the dresses from the red carpet. Some of them are sooo beautiful and others... just ugly :P
Wouldn't it be soo cool to someday walk on the red carpet? Oh yes it would, but, ofcourse there's bad things also. People are always critisizing everything they are wearing and how they are looking and so on...

Megan Fox 
Megan looks good in everything, there's no need to explain anything else.

Olivia Wilde
And her Chirstian Loubout shoes are gorgeous!

Chirstina Aguilera 
I think it would be nicer in some brighter color.

Helena Bomham Carter
Well, the dress is different...

Eva Longoria 
The black dress shows her curvs really good. And I also love her as an actress!<3

Jennifer Lopez
I just don't like the dress, and not the white net thing either that she's wearing on her shoulders.

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