The easiest but the best invention ever !

I just slept 2 hours with all my clothes on because I was supposed to just rest a little.. ;o
And i don't use to sleep at day time, even how tired I am, because I just can't fall asleep. But now since I bought that eyemask a time ago, all my problems all solved! When I'm wearing the eyemask I fall asleep almost immediately. Also at night time I always use to be awake like an hour after I went to bed until I actually sleep.
I don't know what the "magic" is because the only thing that the eyemask does is to make it darker and I already have it pretty dark in my room.. so, I don't know why it's helping so much but it's the best invention ever! Especially for me who have had some sleeping problems.
God bless the eyemask<3

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