Today after the horrible "school day" I went with Sofa to the city for a short while, shopping :D 
I bought a new pare of leggings because my old leggings had a hole on the knee. And btw, today I aslo found my new big love :) Frezza milk coffee! :D Yummyy ;)
And yes, then I also bought a brown bag from GinaTricot, which I've wanted for a pretty long time :)

Ps. Sofa is maybe coming over to my place later today, maybe, to watch a movie or just do what we girls can the best, gossip ;)


2 kommenttia:

  1. ja hoppas att du int e seriös me att du satt denhä bilden hiit ella !!!!!!

  2. Den e int alls grisbild, den e söt (: o joo domdä svarta ja sku ju ha dom på julfesten, de va dfö ja köpte dom, men sen va ja ju handä fula gubben så ja hann int ha dom -.-