Hunting Marshmallows

When I woke up this morning at 12.15 (wow, I don't use to sleep that long..) I was thinking about the marshmallow cocoa and I got a super idea! I will do some yummy dessert( don't know how yummy it is because I've never tried it before :P) to my family. I was supposed to whip some cream and add some cocoa powder and then I could use that as a dip souse for marshmallows! And I could also add some other stuff to make it nicer (I will tell you more about that later) but I realised that we didn't have any marshmallows so I went with my little sister hunting for them.

We walked to 5 stores, and none of them had them... -.-' lol we walked around in the snow for more than 1h just because of some stupid marshmallows and we didn't get them. So, I will send my dad to go and buy them somewhere else :P
Anyway, I have to go and eat and then I'll go to the training, blog to you later today<3

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