Peel off Masque :D

I just decided to try one of these masques that I got from my football coach as chirstmas present :D
To be honest, I've never believed that these masques work, that you get like perfect skin after using one. But it's fun to try them :D This one, which I used today is a masque that you have to peel off.
And try to don't make the mistake I did a while ago. I put the stuff  too close to my eyebrows and when I should pull it off it was stuck. And it was not fun trying to peel it off without pulling out my eyebrows -.-

But this time it went just fine and my skin does feel a little softer. But of course it didn't make my skin perfect :P

This one is from Stockman, but I know that H&M is also selling some masques. But I think that the ones from Stockman are better :D

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