I ♥ Second hand

Before, some years ago, I hated second hand. I thought it was just a shop for poor people and i didn't get why my mum wanted to sometimes go and just check if she would find something. Now I've realised how great it really is. You can find soo much lovely stuff and get it reallyreallyreally cheap. Like me, I found today a pare of  Levi Strauss jeans for 3€ !! But I just liked the wast, so I'm going to cut them and make them to shorts :D Always when I'm searching for jeans shorts there's something i would have done otherwise, so I decided to make one by my own! And if this fails it doesn't matter, because 3€ is like nothing, then I just buy new jeans and try again :D
Adidas jacket 3€ !
A fake plant to our new lovely bathroom 18€  (I'll show you pics of our bathroom some other day)

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