A microcar please!

I just heard this is a real car, not a microcar like I first thought :P :(

Wouldn't it be just soo cool to have an own little car!? You shouldn't have to take the bus or walk or ask your parents to drive you everywhere. You could drive away to school or to the city whenever you want. And here in the cold finland I would deffinitely prefer a microcar instead of a moped.. in the winter you would freeze to a piece of ice after like 2min. But, the only problem is.... that my parents won't let me have one -.- They think I would just kill myself and like drive against a three on the very first day, wtf? -.- And it's not about the money, even if the microcars are pretty expensive. My parent's wouldn't let me buy one even if I used my own money.

So I made a deal with my parents, that if they don't want me to have a microcar then they have to pay my real car, when I'm 18 ;))) Just have to wait a couple of years :P

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