Tired ...?

Calming down and trying to fight against the booringness by listening to music. I should really start going to  sleep more early...  And I'm also having a headache because I've watched too much tv today and I walked straight into a door a while ago because I it was so dark and I didn't see that the door was closed.. -.-'

Right now I'm listening to Miley cyrus, haha :D And she's pretty good I think, I don't get it why so many hate her? :o

And because of the booringness I'm also having a very interesting converation with Emma... -.-' :D:D:D::D:D wuhu. Okey, I really need to go and get some sleep !
Tomorrow I will probably go and meet some friends and pack some stuff. Because we will go to our grand parents over the chirstmas... AND there's a problem ! They don't have internet! How the hell am I going to survive..... ;o

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