Hi again !

Sorrysorrysorry I know I haven't been blogging for nearly a week now! Because I went to my grandparents over the Christmas and they don't have internet so, I was without internet the whole Christmas. And when I came home I was just so tired and I didn't have any time to blog :( But from now on I promise I will blog every day, atleast I will write one text per day. Besides the time when I'm in Egypt.

Anyway my Chirstmas was so different compared to the other years. And I really enjoyed it. Here are some pics:

I was ice-skating and I was trying to balance on one foot...

... But I failed and fell on the cold ice -.-' Luckely I didn't hurt myself.
 The house

Running away from the camera :D

An other who's running away from the camera :D

Because there was no internet I started painting my nails instead, and they look wierd I know :P

Nearly all of us are around the table eating Christmas food (:

SANTA HAS ARRIVED! And this year it was my brother.. :P

He looks like some kind of a mouse
Yummyy <3
The bad thing about visiting my grandparents is that we are eating cakes, cookies, ice-cream and chocolate aalll the time.... :P

I hate skiing, it's soo boring. But my mum wanted to go so we all went skiing for a liiitttlle while.

 High technology

 Pose... -.-' And my lovely socks (;
 ... try to ignore my make-upless face and the pic looks immediately better

Btw I will add pics of my christmas gifts some other day !<3

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