My day was pretty normal until our biology lesson when we got to see a pig lung ! It was soooooo disgusting and it was so big and blody etc, ;ssss If somebody would have liked to blow it up you could test it but nobody besides one pupil and the teacher had the courage to do it... and I totally understand it, I barely touched it.. ! But ofcourse I filmed it :P
And today was the last spanish lesson ! yey i'm so happy<3 Even if todays lesson was pretty fun I'm glad it's over for this year:D

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ja blåste upp vår lunga!:D de va ganska äckligt! <3
    PussoKram!<3 Ps. ja jillar din blogg :)

  2. hihii! :P känner mj gaska nördi nä ja satt de dä PS dit :P