ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ NOOOOO !  This is seriously the worst thing that could happen!! When I was cleaning my room I tried to do it as fast I could and when I was picking up my red dress it was stuck under my chair wheel and I didn't notice it so I just pulled it and then I heard a RITCH and I was like fuck.. and I hoped that nothing would have happened but no, with my luck it was ofcourse my red dress... that I was going to wear on the christmas party thing and now it's BROKEN ! WTF THIS CAN'T BE TRUE! How can a dress just break like that that?? I really don't know how this could happen -.-'
I tried to sew it but it looks horrible cause I'm not good at sewing.. so I think that I have to scratch the seam and try again.. -.-' 
It's only 1 week until the "party" and I loved this dress, I don't want to buy a new one ! :( Well, I
                                                       have other options but I wanted to wear this one..

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  1. nå nog e de ganska ;D hej över 100 människor som ser mitt namn o min otroligt vackra bild :D