A day at HESE :D:D

After school I went to the city with Elin, Mattan, Cia and Emmi.
In the city me and Elin bought us a Subi and went to Hesburger with Mattan because she wanted some french frizes. At hese we were having aallooott of fun as usually and we met some Swedish guys (; After a while Cia joined us and our crazy inventions:D I just want you to know that i totally LOOVE these people, we are like always having fun, don't matter where we are or which mood we are in, we are always having fun :D LOVE YOU<3
Haha, and here are some totally crazy pics and videos so enjoy watching them :D:D

Hi, I'm a fish.

Drunk.. ?

Hi, I'm a freak.

A sexy old man (;

The only normal one :D

After Cia and Mattan left we went buying some cookies, candy and blueberries :D:D
Two minutes ago I was with Elin watching a film and eating us fat. Yey. We watched a film named 30 days of night, and it was like just killing and murdering all the time with heads that flew off just like that and with some sceary vampires, sounds lovely I know :D
But now I'm home and I'm soo sorry that I haven't been blogging anything to day, sorrysorry<3

And here is the video of our "cooking and throwing" competition in Hese, me against Elin and I won ofcourse (;; And we also got some nice applauds from the Swedish guys :D

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