I love Shopping

Today I spent my whole day just shopping! First I went to Skanssi with my family. While my parents and littlebrother were eating somewhere I and my littlesister went shopping. We didn't have a lot of time but I found a nice dress that I will probably be wearing on the school christmas "party".
In the pic you can see us in the Lindex changing room. Nelly, my sister bought that cute pink dress :D

Red party dress.
Price: 39.90
From: Modtex

 When my family went home my dad dropped me off to Hansa were I met my lovely friend Sofa and continued the shopping day.  We had a lot of fun talking and gossiping and we met some friends. I was home at 19.30 and I was starving because I had just ate my breakfast and one sandwich, so right now I'm eating like an elephant. But yeah my shopping day was pretty awesome and here are some pics at the clothes i bought today:
The clothes looks much better when you'r wearing them

Beige Cardigan
Price: 19.90
From: Gina Tricot

Black and White lace top
Price: 9.90 each 
From: Gina Tricot

Broad flower shirt
Price: 14.90
From: Gina Tricot

 Leopard eyemask
Price: 4.90 
From: Gina Tricot

Pink and Grey top
Price: 9.90 each
From: Gina Tricot

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  1. oijjj härlitt ^^ <3333 :))))))) hiihh :PP just kiva ^^
    t: cassu :)
    (lol ja har nån jätte lollig google-tili xDD hahahha duracellpupu :'DD lolololo xd)