Lucia and some spitting meat slices !

Today it's 13.12 and that means we had an Lucia performance in our school :D It was a nice show with singing and lights even if i'm not a huuuuge fan of lucia, but it was nice to skip the school, heh :P

After lucia I had a cooking-lesson with Camppu and we did some really wierd meet rolls or something and it was so disgusting to bang the meet with a big thing looking like some sort of a hammer to get the meet flat so you could easely roll them. Fat and some other liquid just spitted out of the meat in all directions. :s Anyway we survived and they tasted pretty good :D

When the schoolday was over I went to the city as usually with Sofa,Mattan and Amppu and we went to coffee house to just sit and chat because it's freezing outside and Sofa wanted to buy something to drink. There we met also some friends and the pic is taken by Jontte : D Well it's not the best pic ever but it's okey :P
And now i really have to stop blogging
                                                                       and go cleaning my room ! ARGH,
                                                                       bye blog to you later<3

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  1. OHO! :D Känner mej helt proud nu när ja både har mitt namn och en bild ja har tagi e på din blogg! :)