Tired of UGGS !

Yes, I'm starting to get enough of my uggs. Where is the summer? :o
A time ago I thought that uggs were so great and warm but now I'm getting tired of them. They are so clumsy.
Last week I already started to think that it's probably going to get warmer soon, but it's not looking good right now. When I walked home today it started to snow. So I think I'll be using them a little bit longer.

And no my UGGS are not real like somebody already asked me a pretty long time ago. But mine has last a long time even if they are fake. I bought them for 40€ I think, last year? So I saved pretty much money there with not buying real ones like I first thought I would do.

2 kommenttia:

  1. aren't those fake uggs? There is nothing wrong with fake uggs just sayin that if you're writing that you have uggs, then that's wrong and lying? Isn't it. just sayin'

  2. Yes they are fake and if you had read the whole text you would have recognized that I wrote: "And no my UGGS are not real..." and "I saved pretty much money with not buying real ones..." at the end.